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Kaya Irie (Ki- yuh eye ri)


Kaya Irie was founded in 2018 by Jenny Marquette and Jeni Orlando. We started Kaya Irie to bring quality CBD and hemp oil products to consumers locally. We research products carefully before making the decision to put them on our shelves. The products we have chosen all come with 3rd party lab testing and Certificates of Authenticity to ensure quality and purity. All of the brands we carry are designed to make you beautiful and happy. Our name means just that. Beautiful and happy.


Jenny and Jeni both have a background in manufacturing. While running a business is similar to running machinery, it's not as easy as pushing a start button. In the later half of 2019 Jenny and Jeni received their certifications in CBD specific education. We believe in education and having the choice to heal or enhance naturally. We also want to empower all women to live your dreams no matter where you started from.



Statements about products on Kaya Irie's site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases. As always please consult with your physician for any complications or interactions before beginning use.

Accepted online and in-store

We are always adding new products, information, and capabilities. Please excuse us while we optimize pages.

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Kaya Irie does not sell or distribute any product that violates the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. 

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